Student Theses

NB: Ph.D. dissertations can be found in my Research Group section. This section only lists MSc and BSc theses for which I was the primary supervisor and assessor, and which were completed successfully. An overview of LIACS theses which I supervised, are also listed in the LIACS thesis repository. UU theses are listed in the UU thesis repository.

MSc theses | BSc theses

    In progress [ Completed | ^ ]

  1. Drougkas,George (in progress). Multimodal Machine Learning for Better Identification of Language Markers for Mental Health. Spruit,Marco, & Bakker,Erwin (UL).
  2. Rameshchandra,Ramya Tumkur (in progress). Unsupervised machine learning methods to understand the social and psychological effects of prescription opioids. Spruit,Marco, & Baratchi,Mitra (UL).
  3. Bianchi,Niccolo (in progress). Automated drug repurposing workflow for rare diseases. Spruit,Marco & Lefebvre,Armel (UL).
  4. Thiel,Haike van (committed).
  5. Completed [ In progress | ^ ]

  6. Tomassen,Floris (05/02/2024). LLM-Based Data Generation techniques for end-to-end models of grammatical error correction applied to Dutch Care Text. Spruit,Marco; Wijnholds,Gijs. (Prime Vision). [8.5]
  7. Wang,Ruilin (18/07/2023). Investigating De-identification Methodologies in Dutch Medical Texts: A Replication Study of Deduce and Deidentify. Spruit,Marco (UL) & Mosteiro,Pablo (UU). [6.5]
  8. Lu,Yijie (18/07/2023). Unveiling Patterns of Gun Violence in Europe: Topic Discovery and Analysis using Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining. Spruit,Marco, & Wijnholds,Gijs; Mook,Dennis; Liem,Marieke (TextGain) [7.0]
  9. Muizelaar,Hielke (14/07/2023). Exploring Dutch BERT models for extracting lifestyle characteristics from medical text. Spruit,Marco, & Putten,Peter van der. [8.5]
  10. Barreiro Clemente,Diego (14/07/2023). Predicting care plan goals using a knowledge graph-based recommender system. Spruit,Marco, & Verberne,Suzan. (Prime Vision). [6.5]
  11. Wang,Runda (16/05/2023). Attend all options at once: solve MMRC problems with extra prompting and prior knowledge. Spruit,Marco, & Verberne,Suzan. [8.0]
  12. Heath,Cheyenne (2022/08/18). Natural Language Processing for lifestyle recognition in discharge summaries. Spruit,Marco, & Putten,Peter van der (UL). Kist,Janet, Os,Hine van, & Zervanou,Kalliopi (LUMC/PHEG). [7.5].
  13. Verkleij,Stephanie (2021/03/26). Deep & Dutch NLP: Exploring linguistic markers for patient narratives analysis. Spruit,Marco, & Scheepers,Floortje (UU). Schepper, Kees de (UMC Utrecht/Psychiatry). [8].
  14. Sakapetis,Andreas (2020/10/28). NLP for knowledge discovery in scientific literature on biodegradation. Spruit,Marco, & Dutilh,Bas (UU). Haupfeld,Ernestina, & Tawfik,Noha (UU/Biology). [8].
  15. Claessens,Pim (2020/08/25). Cow disease classification in Precision Livestock Farming: A classification task on multilingual text snippets. Spruit,Marco, & Hostens,Miel (UU). (UU/Veterinary Sciences). [8.3].
  16. Evers,Maxime (2020/08/25). Combining a clinical taxonomy with Natural Language Processing techniques for identifying Adverse Drug Reactions in Dutch clinical free text fields. Spruit,Marco, & Wagenaar,Gerard (UU). Siegersma,Klaske (UMC Utrecht/Cardiology). [8.2].
  17. Meer,Thomas van der (2020/07/16). A deep learning approach to interest development. Spruit,Marco, & Akkerman,Sanne (UU). Beek,Joris (UU/Educational Sciences). [8].
  18. Omta,Wiert (2020/01/27). Task-Aware Cloud Instance Selection. Spruit,Marco, & Jansen,Slinger (UU). Omta,Wienand (CoreLifeAnalytics). [7.5].
  19. Ooms,Richard (2019/10/07). Self-Service Data Science in Healthcare: Using AutoML in the Knowledge Discovery Process. Spruit,Marco, & Brinkhuis,Matthieu (UU). Candel,Sebastiaan (Deloitte). [8.5].
  20. Knemeijer,Danny (2019/05/21). STRIPAI: Determining the suitability of implementing deep reinforcement learning principles in new domains. Spruit,Marco, & Brinkhuis,Matthieu (UU). [6.8].
  21. Simons,Roy (2019/05/14). Enriching a question-answering system with user experience concepts. Spruit,Marco, & Ruiz,Marcela (UU). Rob Douwes (Rabobank). [8].
  22. Joosse,Huibert-Jan (2019/03/29). Rediscovering the Clock: A Study on Methylation, Gene Expression, Age and Sex using a Data Science Approach. Spruit,Marco, & Onland-Moret,Charlotte (UU). (UMC Utrecht/Julius Center). (Applied Data Science Postgraduate thesis project). [7,9].
  23. Bakhtiari,Baharak (2019/02/25). An Assessment Framework for Research Data Reusability. Spruit,Marco, & Lamprecht,Anna-Lena (UU). Lefebvre,Armel, & Altena,Tijmen (IDfuse). [7.3].
  24. Klift,Wouter van der (2018/09/28). Data-driven Diagnosis in Psychiatry. Spruit,Marco, & Brinkhuis,Matthieu (UU). Menger,Vincent, & Scheepers,Floor (UMC Utrecht/Psychiatry). [8.2].
  25. Karišik,Eldin (2018/08/29). A Standardized Data Mining Method in Healthcare: A pediatric intensive care unit case study. Spruit,Marco, & Brinkhuis,Matthieu (UU). Koomen,Erik, & Cappen,Teus (UMC Utrecht/ICU). [6.1].
  26. Wondolleck,Roland (2018/08/14). Towards an adaptive focus area maturity model for information security assessments at SMEs. Spruit,Marco, & Burriel,Verónica (UU). Schoote,Marijn van (Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N.V.). [8.3].
  27. Dedding,Thomas (2018/07/10). Knowledge Discovery for Domain Experts: A Data Preparation Approach. Spruit,Marco, & Brinkhuis,Matthieu (UU). Benders,Manon, & Vijlbrief,Daniel (UMCU/Neonatology). [8].
  28. Lau,Erik (2018/06/29). Decoding the hype: Blockchain in Healthcare - A Software Architecture for the provision of a patient summary to overcome interoperability issues. Spruit,Marco, & Brinkhuis,Matthieu (UU). [8.5].
  29. Vries,Niels de (2018/06/01). Making Machine Learning accessible to Healthcare Professionals for the purpose of predicting Medical Adverse Events. Spruit,Marco, & Brinkhuis,Matthieu (UU). Asselbergh,Folkert, & Felix,Susanne (UMC Utrecht/Cardiology). [8.8].
  30. Meijers,Stijn (2018/05/25). Developing CRISP-DCW: The Cross-Industry Standard Process for creating Distributed Computing Workflows. Spruit,Marco, & Brinkhuis,Matthieu (UU). Kampstra,Peter (ORTEC). [8.5].
  31. Toledo,Chaïm van (2017/12/15). A data sharing system architecture for scientific purposes for a Dutch health care environment. Spruit,Marco, & Menger,Vincent (UU). Scheepers,Floor (UMC Utrecht/Psychiatry). [7.8].
  32. Kais,Marcin (2017/11/22). Bootstrapping the CRISP-DM process. Spruit,Marco, & Menger,Vincent (UU). [8].
  33. Ginkel,Jorien van (2017/10/06). How to determine the FAIRness of Open Data by a Reference Model. Spruit,Marco, & Lefebvre,Armel (UU). Elberse,Glenn (Berenschot Intellerts). [7.3].
  34. Schermerhorn,Elizabeth (2017/09/15). An Assessment Framework to Govern and Manage Research Data within Research Institutions. Spruit,Marco, & Lefebvre,Armel (UU). (UMCU; UU/ITS). [8].
  35. Krimpen,Hugo van (2017/08/28). A Multi API approach for Natural Language Processing in Unstructured Clinical Documents. Spruit,Marco, & Shen,Ian (UU). [7.5].
  36. Pieket Weeserik,Bram (2017/08/28). Improving Operational Risk Management using Business Performance Management technologies. Spruit,Marco, & Dalpiaz,Fabiano (UU). Koelemeijer,Steven, & Beltman,Bastiaan (Celcus). [8].
  37. Ferati,Drilon (2017/07/13). Text mining in financial industry: Implementing text mining techniques on bank policies. Spruit,Marco, & Brinkhuis,Matthieu (UU). Ackema,Alexander (ABN AMRO). [8.5].
  38. Wortmann,Diederik (2016/08/30). Missing data techniques in contract benchmarking. Spruit,Marco, & Omta,Wienand (UU). (Metri). [6.5].
  39. Mens,Joris (2016/06/30). A maturity model for BPM capability assessment in Dutch hospitals. Spruit,Marco, & Brinkkemper,Sjaak (UU). Batenburg,Ronald, & Ravesteyn,Pascal (Hogeschool Utrecht UAS). [8].
  40. Jagesar,Raj (2016/06/22). Machine learning dissected. Spruit,Marco, & Brinkkemper,Sjaak (UU). Kas,Martien, & Vorstman,Jacob (UMC Utrecht). [9].
  41. Jackson,Jamal (2016/06/02). Increasing adherence through mhealth device: a feasibility study design. Spruit,Marco, & Brinkkemper,Sjaak (UU). Batenburg,Ronald, & Trappenburg,Jaap (UMC Utrecht/Julius Center). [6.5].
  42. Brouwer,Floris (2016/01/26). Applying semantic integration to improve data quality. Spruit,Marco, & Werf,Jan Martijn van der (UU). Steenbakkers,Wim (Mezuro). [7].
  43. Monné,Robert (2016/01/14). Determining relevant disparate disaster data and selecting an integration method to create actionable information. Spruit,Marco, & España,Sergio (UU). Homberg,Marc van den (TNO/Cordaid). [8.5].
  44. Renes,Cassandra (2015/08/31). What do you mean? A method for identifying the root causes of data interoperability problems within aviation information systems. Spruit,Marco, & Werf,Jan Martijn van der (UU). Raadt,Bas van der (Schiphol Group). [8].
  45. Lefebvre,Armel (2015/08/27). Reproducible research and interactive data mining in bioinformatics. Spruit,Marco, & Omta,Wienand (UU). Kloosterman,Wigard (UMC Utrecht). [8.5].
  46. Slot,Gabriël (2015/07/14). Towards Rule-based Information Security Maturity. Spruit,Marco, & Bex,Floris (UU). Li,Tan (Regas). [7].
  47. Haan,Eline de (2015/07/13). Patterns for Derivation Business Rules. Spruit,Marco, & Bex,Floris (UU). Straatsma,Peter, & Zoet,Martijn (Belastingdienst; Hogeschool Utrecht). [9].
  48. Lingen,Sonny van (2015/01/30). Towards a Federative Information Security Focus Area Maturity Model. Spruit,Marco, & Batenburg,Ronald (UU). Anderson,Colin (Nationale Nederlanden Bank). [6.5].
  49. Rijnst,Sander van der (2014/12/02). Clinical decision support in surgical care for infection control. Spruit,Marco, & Batenburg,Ronald (UU). (Erasmus UMC Rotterdam). [7].
  50. Eskes,Paul (2014/11/18). App-based social profiling of students from a health-care perspective. Spruit,Marco, & Batenburg,Ronald (UU). Kas,Martien, & Vorstman,Jacob (UMC Utrecht). [8].
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  53. Bouma,Yorick (2014/07/18). Supporting Decision-making in Fraud Sensitive Environments - Including Personal Data from Public Sources in Risk Analyses. Spruit,Marco, & Brinkkemper,Sjaak (UU). Strien,Koos van (InfoSupport). [7].
  54. Kats,Jochem van (2014/07/10). Supporting incident management with population information derived from telecom data. Spruit,Marco, & Werf,Jan Martijn van der (UU). Steenbakkers,Wim, & Beute,Ron (Mezuro). [8].
  55. Vlug,Bas (2014/06/26). Effective and Efficient Classification of Topically-Enriched Domain-Specific Text Snippets. Spruit,Marco, & Jansen,Slinger (UU). Voges,Kevin (AFAS). [9].
  56. Buijs,Marco (2014/05/26). Asynchronous Social Search: Towards better Internet and Enterprise Search. Spruit,Marco, & Nimwegen,Christof van (UU). [8.5].
  57. Reijmer,Tjalling (2014/02/04). Cyber security in healthcare: Can a computer virus be life threatening?. Spruit,Marco, & Batenburg,Ronald (UU). Hoorweg,Erik (CapGemini). [7].
  58. Adriana,Tiffany (2013/12/20). Measuring educational quality in secondary education. Spruit,Marco, & Werf,Jan Martijn van der (UU). Slijkerman,Teun, & Vissers,Maarten (DataPas). [7].
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  60. Janssen,Joey (2013/11/18). Enterprise Mobile Security: The development of a Mobile Risk Assessment Method (M-RAM). Spruit,Marco, & Batenburg,Ronald (UU). Veldhuizen,Rik, Bosboom,Thomas, & Maat,Rob de (Deloitte). [8.5].
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  66. Shen, Zhengru (Ian) (2013/03/22). Knowledge discovery in high throughput screening: Creating a data mining techniques selection framework. Spruit,Marco, &
  67. Omta,Wienand (UU). Egan,David (UMC Utrecht/Cell Screening Center). [8].
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BSc theses | MSc theses

    In progress [ Completed | ^ ]

  1. Leito, Roderick (in progress). Integration of the EQ5D PROM questionnaire into a natural and unobtrusive conversation using a RASA-driven chatbot. Spruit,Marco & Lefebvre,Armel (UL).
  2. Baghdasaryan, Ruzanna (in progress). Questionnaire-driven Dialogue: Utilizing Large Language Models for Hallucination-free Conversational AI in Elderly Well-being Monitoring. Spruit,Marco & Lefebvre,Armel (UL).
  3. Completed [ In progress | ^ ]

  4. Tanoesemito, Charma (est. 01/03/2024). Reconstructing family relationships using routine primary care Electronic Health Record database. Life Sciences and Technology (LST) programme. Spruit,Marco; Marian Beekman, Niels van den Berg (MOLEPI). [8.0]
  5. Lelasseux, Maxine (05/02/2024). Analyzing offenses against life data: a machine learning approach on data extracted from the Human Relations Area Files (HRAF) database. Spruit,Marco; Liem,Marieke; Syme,Katharina (FGGA/ISGA). [6.5]
  6. Wallaard, Lisanne (06/07/2023). Model deployment of a predictive machine learning model for clinical decision support. Spruit,Marco; Haas,Marcel (PHEG). [8.0]
  7. Baar,Rik van (2022/07/19). Predicting sentiment on written medical self-assessments by elderly people using BERT and LIWC. Spruit,Marco, & Verberne,Suzan (UL). (LUMC/PHEG). [8.5].
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  11. Smit,Tim (2021/07/14). The Effect of Countermeasure Readability on Security Intentions. Spruit,Marco, & Haastrecht,Max van (UU). [9].
  12. Dijk,Eva van (2019/07/12). A performance dashboard as relation therapist. Overbeek,Sietse, & Spruit,Marco (UU). Vugts,Adriaan (UMC Utrecht/P&O Servicecentrum).
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  14. Liezenga,Alma (2019/06/14). Automatic Fault Detection in Registration and Tumor Segmentation of Breast MRI. Burriel Coll,Verónica, & Spruit,Marco (UU). Velden,Bas van der (UMC Utrecht/Image Sciences Institute). [8.6].
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